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How Do You Give Them Back??

For the past three and a half weeks, we have had a thirteen month old boy in our home through Safe Families for Children.  He left yesterday.  I picked him up at 10:30pm in the parking lot of a Greek Restaurant after answering an after-hours emergency text, and brought him into our home.  Honestly, it felt a little sketchy, but it made it more adventurous.  Often times, big things come with risks and sacrifices, and this was one of those big things.

I will not miss

the Raffi, Justin Roberts, and Cedarmount Kids CDs we had to listen to in the car in order to get a little peace and quietthe balls thrown all over the house or legos all over my bedroom floor all of the extra yogurts, cheeses, grapes, bananas, watermelon and juice we had to buy for this very hungry and growing little boyall of the diapers we had to change when we realized whole milk and soy milk did not agree with his systemholding with one, and cooking with one hand while hurdling plastic bowls (and large dog) dispersed al…