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Running Barefoot in the Snow

I bit the bullet and got a hot tub as a Christmas present for myself and my girls.

Totally uncharacteristic of my frugal self, but worth every penny.  I am a Florida girl and living in the midwest.  I have circulation issues now where half of my fingers remain white for a while when it's cold out.  I'm always wearing hats and coats - even in the house.  And I've taken a liking to hot tea, simply because of what it does for my inside.

Another reason is that my oldest daughter seems to dislike anything younger than her living in our home at the time (related or non), so she often plans her social get-togethers away from home.  Wii is no longer a draw when you're a teenager (for girls), the trampoline is filled with snow, and we do not have a sixty inch flatscreen in the basement, so I had no other choice but to get what none of her friends have and lure them over to our warm, quiet, outside!

When my middle daughter had a friend over the other day to take a plunge, she …