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Hot Dog Justice

About a week ago, we had the opportunity to attend a birthday party for our three year old friend in a neighborhood very different from ours on the west side of Chicago.  We stuck out like a lone macadamia nut in a chocolate fudge cookie.  We listened to rap music, watched some amazing dancing, and learned new ways to celebrate with those who have become dear to us.

About half-way through the festivities, two little ones from across the hall showed up at the front door.  It was open, but they stood outside the frame.  In their hands were little white convenient store bags with two for a dollar hot cheese puffs, and a blazing blue raspberry drink.  They wanted to join the party, but were probably told not to show up empty handed.  After about twenty minutes of luring, we got them to come in and sit near us to chat and eat their “dinner”.  I was practicing my open-ended questions and listening skills, per my weekly reading assignments when my youngest said “Mom, all the other kids got a …

What Happens When You Don't Go To Church on Palm Sunday?

...  The same thing that happens when Jesus heals on the Sabbath - there is opportunity for God to be glorified by showing that love is bigger than the law!

Yes.  We did it.  We skipped church in lieu of a soccer tournament on Palm Sunday.  And you know what?  I don't feel guilty  (warning:  been reading lots of Junie B. Jones, lately - it may show).  Ever since Easter happened, we are no longer under law, but under GRACE!  And it is AWESOME!
(The one guy who did go find a mass to attend in between games swore at the ref, and that is pretty much what Jesus was condemning the Pharisees for)

It also makes me a little more intentional, in a good way, to make up for it and immerse my kids in what happened during Holy Week - and throughout the entire Scriptures for that matter.  The whole sacrificial lamb idea started in Genesis, when God told Abraham that He would provide a sacrificial lamb.  I'm pretty jacked to remind them of that this week during dinner.  We spent a lot of ti…

... This is Your Brain After Three Semesters into Your MSW.

Warning!  I have seven weeks of life bursting forth on the keyboard here.

I just finished Social Welfare Policy I and have a week off before starting SWPII.  Before I started this degree, I wanted to work in low-income neighborhood transformation via individual and group therapy.  Then, I wanted to overturn the food stamp policy so that people could not buy soda and candy with their food stamps.  Then, I wanted to go into the prison system and work with addicts, so that when they come out, they are not pulled in that direction again.  Needless to say, the more I learn, and the more I experience, the more I want to do!  Thankfully, I have another two years of school.
This was my brain - And this is my brain now.

The past seven weeks in movies:
After finishing up my class Racial Justice and Cultural Oppression, I saw Twelve Years A Slave.  Why would I do that to myself?  I couldn't talk to anyone for a day.  I was completely wrecked.  Yes, it deserved the Oscar, and I am pretty jacke…