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... This is Your Brain After Three Semesters into Your MSW.

Warning!  I have seven weeks of life bursting forth on the keyboard here.

I just finished Social Welfare Policy I and have a week off before starting SWPII.  Before I started this degree, I wanted to work in low-income neighborhood transformation via individual and group therapy.  Then, I wanted to overturn the food stamp policy so that people could not buy soda and candy with their food stamps.  Then, I wanted to go into the prison system and work with addicts, so that when they come out, they are not pulled in that direction again.  Needless to say, the more I learn, and the more I experience, the more I want to do!  Thankfully, I have another two years of school.
This was my brain - And this is my brain now.

The past seven weeks in movies:
After finishing up my class Racial Justice and Cultural Oppression, I saw Twelve Years A Slave.  Why would I do that to myself?  I couldn't talk to anyone for a day.  I was completely wrecked.  Yes, it deserved the Oscar, and I am pretty jacke…