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Why I Want to go to Jail

I want to go to jail.  Prison would be even better.

I've been training to work on a correspondence course called "Houses of Healing" by Lionheart foundation which is amazing.  The title itself tells you what the premise is - that prison and jail should be houses of healing.  They are not to be places to cast people out of society and seclude so as to not do any more harm and then the job is done.  They are to be transformational and rehabilitative.  This program has been going on for over 10 years with groups of people and for those in solitary, through letter writing.  This allows people like me, who cannot travel to do groups in prisons because they are far away, to get involved.  I'm excited!  
For three years now, I've known a gentle man who has been in and out of jail his whole life.  He has two great little kids and cares deeply about them.  He has always had a really hard time finding a job because of his record.  He is currently awaiting a potential 15 yea…

Restoration & Community

I've been stalling on this one.  Not because I don't want to write it but because it is pretty important to me and I don't want to mess it up.  Today, I am feeling brave - and it is overcast outside, so a good day to stay in and write ;).
I've been reading Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton, which is my new favorite book - ever! (Pretty much because I feel like I am being hugged as soon as I open it and read any sentence).  Maybe it's the lovely cover that caught my eye, or the 1949 copywrite date.  Here's one of the quotesWhy that got me pondering:
"Living with other people and learning to lose yourself in the understanding of their weaknesses and deficiencies which are also your own - is not only the way to perfection in general but even helps us to become true contemplatives." I've been intrigued with the contemplatives lately.  When I heard of Richard Rohr's Center for Contemplation and Action, it made sense why.  Contemplation leads …

Full Life from Weakness

I went through a phase in my teenage years where I wanted to be a bodybuilder.  Go ahead - roll on floor laughing.  I ate tuna out of the can, naked sweet potatoes, read Muscle & Fitness cover to cover, performed supersets, and even practiced my hand at drawing these iron-clad tanned bodies.  I’ve got to hand it to my mother who just let me go through this phase without a hitch (I blamed it on my joints being too large, but it was really the enormous amount of discipline that I lacked).

It passed.

I was actually in the elevator of a hotel a few months ago with my kids and happened to be smack dab in the middle of some of these competitors on their way to an event. I didn’t want to get too close for fear of rubbing off their bronzeness.  I was thankful that God had other plans for me but still admired the discipline.
Because of this phase, followed by the triathlete phase, and several more like that, I realize that I craved being strong - or at least appearing strong.  Notsomuch an…

Why Water To Wine?

Just to start - this is not one of those to drink or not to drink arguments.  First of all, I prefer a nice and crispy Pale-Ale over a glass of wine any day.  However, due to the fact that I cannot indulge to simply "gladden my heart" (Ps. 104:15), I must refrain.  While it would be nice to be like those of you who can, I cannot.  Moving on...
I think I have figured out why the Gospels are ordered the way they are.  (It works for me, at least).  It actually has to do with wine.  I was going to post this blog before I even realized this part, which shows that I may have grown in patience over the last few years, and it is actually paying off!  The wedding at Cana is only in the Gospel of John.  Hmmm.  But  the story about the Pharisees complaining to Jesus about His disciples not fasting, followed by Jesus' whole new wine and old wineskins analogy is in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  
I have an idea why - you can take it or leave it.
The Pharisees were known for keeping to la…