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Just Close Your Eyes!

There has been a two-year-old living in our home for about a month.  As sweet and social and brave as she is, as the smallest in the house, she is quite demanding...  While we do not really understand what she says most of the time, "WANT THAT!!!" is a phrase that seems to be quite clear.  It is often followed by a very pretty "please" (which she caught on to very quickly).  If this is not immediately followed by receiving the desired item, a high-pitched scream ensues.  Ninety percent of the time, we have no clue what "that" is that she is referring to.  And we have a feeling that neither does she.  She just knows that she wants something.  This whole one-sided game replays itself several times during the day, most often in the car (which is quite difficult if I'm the only other one in it).

WE do this all the time.  We think there is something out there that will satisfy us, often not knowing what it is we really want...  Oooo, a cool shirt, nope, th…