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Yesterday, for the first time, I accompanied my daughter to a Plastic Surgeon's office.  She needed to have a cyst looked at.  While we were waiting in the room she asked what the six clear, jelly-filled molds were.  I explained what they were, she was disgusted.  I also told her a story about when her sister was very young she asked, while watching some program on TV, if women could have them reduced as well.  I told her that, yes, they could, and she then asked if that's what I had done.  Lovely.

Anyway, this visit was quite nicely timed with my daily meditation series that I've been receiving via email by Richard Rohr.  It's all about perfectionism.  More specifically, how perfectionism defeats the soul and creates legalism and self-preoccupation.  I was there.  Friends who have known me for a long time know this.  I still feel it sneaking up on me and need to flee from it, but at least I see it now.  Yuk.  Why do we so often worry about being better than others??



Last year, I was chosen to be on a jury for a murder trial.  I no longer had children unattended at home during the day, so it was time to report.  While it did feel a wee bit flattering to be one of the thirteen out of eighty-something people interviewed, it was short-lived.  Each evening, I would have to text my kids and let them know that I would not be home until after dinner and then go through directions on how to prepare the planned meal.  This part was actually a blessing in disguise because it showed them that they could make their dinner without me - and probably more important, it showed ME that they could make dinner without me.

On day five, which was Friday at 5pm, we were forced to relinquish all electronic devices and began deliberation. Four hours later when the judge called us in (prior to our foreman telling him that we had reached a decision), he told us that since we had not come to a decision yet, we would be sequestered until tomorrow.

I completely freaked.

It …