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Scandalous Grace: Some Thoughts about Good Friday.

A friend loaned me her extra copy of "Geography of Grace - Doing Theology From Below" by Kris Rocke & Joel Van Dyke about a week ago.  I have to admit, I struggled to get through the first half, but because I knew she has similar passions as I do, I persevered through and it did not disappoint!

Here, I came across another thought about The Prodigal Son story (so many lessons!) that has stumped me - in a good way.  Rocke & Van Dyke explain that in these verses of Luke 15, the Father continually shames Himself.  Ewe - really?  Tell me more, and why this is a good thing?  I do not know that I want a God who shames Himself.  Or, do I?
Here's where we see it; He lets his youngest son have his inheritance before He dies.  He runs out to welcome him after the son's betrayal.  He even throws him - the one who turned on Him - a party.  In the context of the culture that this was happening in, this behavior is embarrassing - shameful.  (Yes, the use of capital "H&…